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Hygiene is very important. Please always be as clean as you would expect me to be. Please be showered and if you are coming straight from work, golf, etc, please simply ask me to use my facilities.

Fresh breath is also extremely important, as I love to kiss. Please be sure to have brushed your teeth and/or rinsed with mouthwash.  Make me enjoy kissing you and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Please place the donation in a place where I can see it and never discuss it as it can make for an awkward encounter.  Make sure you have read my site and understand my requirements and expectations.


Lastly, be respectful and a stand-up client and do not ask or discuss explicit or inappropriate questions.  Doing so will result in ending our time together.




This is super important and I will expect you to adhere to them. If I say no, no thank you or otherwise, please understand it is exactly what I mean and not up for negotiation.



To me, punctuality means on time – not late and especially not early. I understand you’re excited for our time together, and so am I, but rushing our appointment by showing up early really puts a lot of pressure on a girl! Please do not do this.  Also, while I understand unavoidable delays come up such as traffic and emergencies, note that if you are very late for our scheduled appointment, the time will not be made up for at the end. This is a business and I am obligated to treat it as such.

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