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Frequenty Asked Questions

  • What are your physical stats?
    I am a delightful 34DD Bust, Dress Size 2-6 depending on designer, Shoe Size 7, Height 5’4
  • What is your age?
    I am 52 years young!
  • What are some of your Educational and Career Achievements?
    I have an Undergraduate Degree from Arizona State University, Graduate Degree from The University of Denver. I’ve always been a bit of an entrepreneur and have owned several small businesses – one of them formed out of my love for bringing people together, a Dating and Matchmaking company! It was so much fun and still gives me such joy knowing there are marriages and children in this world because of me!
  • What places have you visited or do you dream of visiting?
    I’ve been all over the U.S. parts of Europe such as France, Spain, England, Germany and Greece. Mexico is a fun place that I enjoy as well. Currently on my bucket list is Italy, Croatia and the Maldives. I often tell people, “I have a very bad case of Wunderlust!”
  • What is your ideal date?
    Being the huge music lover that I am, take me to a concert and I’ll be giddy like a schoolgirl that can’t contain her excitement! (If it’s a Pearl Jam concert, I may even ask you to marry me!) I’m easily entertained and rather low maintenance so I can have a great time in a paper bag – But that’s not to say I don’t relish fine dining over a great bottle of red and titillating conversation.
  • What are some of your favorite books, drinks and hobbies?
    Favorite books: We Were the Mulvaney’s, by Joyce Carol Oates, The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver, A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole, Educated, by Tara Westover and Surrender – 40 Songs, One Story by the one and only Bono! Favorite beverages: Red Wine, Veuve Clicquot, Craft Beers, Sparkling Water Favorite Hobbies: Snow skiing, Reading, Painting, meditating
  • What is your verification process and what do you do with my information?
    I require a picture of a photo ID (Passport, DL, Work ID, etc.) or a link to a LinkedIn profile, cell number and any past provider references. I discard all personal information after our first meeting. The quicker and easier you verify, the sooner we can meet and the better our session goes. I recommend using the secure booking form on my screening form.
  • I’ve never done something like this before. Is this okay with you?
    Absolutely. I understand that there is always a first time for everything and if you do not have any past provider references, a photo ID, work ID, or LinkedIn profile and cell number will suffice. I also understand that it can be completely nerve-wracking and overwhelming to do something new, so I always go above and beyond to make all clients feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Do you Roleplay?
    I absolutely love to role play and in another lifetime, probably would have been an actress. My specialties are naughty wife/mommy with a younger man, teacher/student, and secretary/boss, realtor/client. I’m open to many other roles as well. Just ask!
  • How do I verify you or know that you’re for real?
    I am constantly updating my Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Only Fans pages. If you’re ever in doubt of my photos really being me, please check these social media sites as I update them daily (sometimes hourly if I have the time!). I am also on P411 and Private Delights and can be verified there. I can assure you, all of my clients leave extremely happy and if you so require, I’m happy to have some of them verify that I’m nothing short of amazing and true to my word and photos!
  • Do you accept credit cards or Paypal?
    Sorry not at this time, however, I do accept Venmo or Cashapp payments.
  • Do you offer an incall location?
    Yes, I prefer incall appointments. When touring, I stay at the nicest accommodations that that particular city has to offer. I will let you know when we schedule which hotel I’m at and when you arrive at the lobby, please text me and I will let you know the room number.
  • May I bring wine or other alcohol to our appointment?
    Sure! While I love a good bubbly, I’ll probably only have a glass because I want to give you my full and undistracted attention.
  • Likes and dislikes outside of the bedroom in a man?
    I love a courteous, chivalrous gentleman who appreciates a woman and isn’t afraid to compliment and dote on her. Not a fan of mansplaining or condescension.
  • What brought you to being a companion?
    Like with my matchmaking company, I love engaging with people and thoroughly enjoy how each interaction is totally different. I love finding out what makes a person tick and I’ve always been a sexual person, so when I mustered up the courage a few years ago to put up an ad, I immediately fell in love with sex work and never looked back. I honestly wish I had started long ago!
  • What do you enjoy about being a companion?
    As previously mentioned, I love being an entrepreneur and being my own boss. Being a provider is the most empowering thing I’ve ever done and I love that I’m totally in control – I work when I want, I see who I want, I travel where I want and I share what I want. It’s truly the best gig out there for a woman like myself!
  • The question I am asked the most!
    I’m always asked, “What made you start wanting to do this?” After I folded my matchmaking business (The required evening hours became too difficult as a single mom of two school aged children) I got into real estate. While I had many listings and was doing pretty well for a new agent, I started growing more fearful of my financial situation as my kids started applying for college. One day I was home watching Netflix and started watching a movie called “Escorts”. It featured two women living in a nice loft in London who were having a blast taking appointments and hanging out with their dogs in their freetime. The sex looked great and so did the money, so I thought to myself, “I think I can do that!” It took me a good month to research and get my brain around it until the day I took the plunge and placed an ad up. Like I said before, it was the best decision of my life and I wish I had started long ago. FYI, for more information and to hear a very in depth interview I did for a podcast, here’s the link: HERE

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